Don't let a disaster spell the end for your business. Keep things moving with our business continuity services.

Are you prepared for an operational failure at your business premises? A flood, fire, break-in or any other similarly damaging event could easily spell the end if you are not properly prepared.

Vital security for your business

If your office burns to the ground tonight, how long will it take you to recover? We can have you back in operation immediately.

  • Pick up operations immediately in our fully serviced 33 desk disaster recovery suite
  • Desks are fully prepared and ready for use, with computer terminals, monitors, phones and peripherals
  • Map your own phone number(s) and desktop environments for seamless operations

Helping you meet your ISO 23301 certification requirements

Unified Security

Consolidate your business continuity efforts by combining our resilient colocation services with our fully serviced disaster recovery options.

Complete Continuity

Early business continuity planning can alleviate stress in the event of a disaster. Your IT infrastructure is safe in our data centres, now consider your operations.

Instant Recovery

Get your business back on track immediately, with instant access to our fully serviced suite 24x7x365 - you'll never be left in the dark in your hour of need.


Flexible desk options available, with immediate occupation possible in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Suite

A simple monthly fee to provision and secure your desk space, and an arranged usage fee in the event of a real-world disaster - plus inclusive testing days for 'dry run' scenario planning and fault finding.

  • Select how many desks you require for you core team
  • Enjoy a full hand-held on-boarding process
  • Roll out like-for-like desktop environments
  • Map your phone numbers to our integrated VOIP system
  • Fully integrated print & copy system
  • High-speed internet and LAN connectivity
  • In-house technical support from our data centre team
  • Simply call the NOC for immediate 24x7 access

Why not combine our Disaster Recovery Suite services with highly resilient server colocation in our data centres?


from £20 per month

  • Fully Serviced Desk Space
  • Guaranteed 24x7 Access within 3 Hours
  • 2 Inclusive Test Days (Per Annum)


from £75 per day

  • Full Usage of all On-site Amenities
  • Unlimited High-Speed Internet Access & Calls
  • Unlimited Printing & Copying

Business continuity plans are easily overlooked. Don't leave it too late - our Disaster Recovery Suite is the perfect supplement to our resilient colocation services.