We deliver a truly comprehensive range of network services, from basic internet access through to complex ultra-resilient hybrid connectivity.

Blended transit

Leverage our world-class hand selected carrier mix for maximum global reach, delivered through our self-healing multi-location Cisco network.

We combine a range of major and specialist carriers as part of our blended transit, providing end-users with the very best in global routing options.

Check out the list of international carriers that make up our house blend.

from £4 per Mbps

Selective transit

Need to connect to a specific carrier? Hand select your own from our on-net list, or from our extended range of over 500 international carriers.

Utilising our core network POPs in Telehouse North and Harbour Exchange / LD8, we enjoy direct access to an exhaustive list of global carriers.

Take a look at our on-net locations, or get in touch for a full list of carriers.

from £2 per Mbps


Leverage our world-class multi-site routing fabric for the deployment of protected virtual point-to-point links between our on-net locations.

By operating our own dark fibre ring, we are able to supply extremely high-capacity waves, all delivered through our own optical hardware.

Take a look at our current on-net locations for available options.

from £100 per link

Optical wavelengths

For the ultimate in high-speed connectivity, our wavelengths provide high-capacity connectivity between our various on-net locations.

Our pseudowire services are protected by default on our self-healing routing platform, and ideal for interlink services between two or more diverse locations.

Take a look at our on-net locations, or get in touch to explore off-net options.

from £300 per wave

DDoS protection

As well as our core-level intelligent anti-DDoS technology, we are able to provide 'always-on' dedicated clean inbound connections to customer deployments.

Whether you're considered at risk or just wish to exercise added protection over your services, our dedicated protected links offer peace of mind.

Our 1Tbps+ protection capabilities are integrated at our core as part of our carrier mix.

from £2.70 per Mbps

Cloud and IX

Connect directly to major cloud service providers and internet exchange points, including AWS, Azure, LINX, LONAP and more.

Leverage the power of IX public peering arrangements, and explore custom private peering options with both IXPs and leading cloud operators.

Take a look at our IX services, or get in touch to explore private options.

from £100 per link

Test our network

Put our network to the test, and see what it can do for you. Use our network looking glass and run your own tests right from the core.

Looking Glass


We have designed a powerful and highly-flexible private network capable of delivering a multitude of high-quality services, both inside our data centres and to locations outside of our facilities.


The ultimate in high-capacity fibre optic connectivity, offering unparalleled speeds.


Perfect for delivering high-performance services across multiple protocols.

Cloud and IX

Enjoy connection capabilities into both cloud service providers and IXPs.

Office to DC

Connect your working premises directly with our data centres for a unified service.

Point to Point

Private, super-low latency connectivity between two physical locations.

Leased Lines

High speed internet connectivity services deliverable to UK business premises.


If it's Managed Internet Access you're looking for, we have you covered.


We are able to deliver world-class Integrated Services for Digital Network connections.


Our voice-oriented Public Switched Telephone Network connections are robust and scalable.


Looking for something not covered here? Why not get in touch and speak with a member of our team - we're always more than happy to discuss any custom requirements that you may have.

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Take a look at the on-net carriers that make up our powerful blended transit services.

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Looking Glass

Run speed and routing tests from our core network to any location in the world using our network looking glass.

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If you'd like to understand more about our network and how our various world-class connectivity services can benefit you, please do get in touch.