Our network is delivered from our own private facilities as well as key points of presence in some of the world's foremost carrier hotels.

London Central

London Central Our Facility

Our flagship London data centre sits at the very heart of our network, delivering our full hybrid connectivity service set.

London Central is the primary core of our global network, on-net with our privately operated upstream core operations in both Telehouse North and Harbour Exchange / LD8.

Data Centre Server Colocation On-Net Carriers
Telehouse North

Telehouse North THN Partner Plus

THN is one of the world's most carrier-dense connectivity hubs, home to well over 500 carriers.

Telehouse North has long served as our main upstream POP, with our own privately operated footprints. We collect a large number of our major and specialist carriers here.

Data Centre On-Net Carriers Full Carrier List
Harbour Exchange

Harbour Exchange HEX / LD8 Partner Plus

HEX / LD8 is another of the world's densest carrier hotels, with hundreds of top-tier carriers on-site.

Harbour Exchange / LD8 is our secondary upstream POP. We operate our own racks and systems inside of the Equinix facility, collecting some of our key carriers in the process.

Data Centre On-Net Carriers Full Carrier List

Looking Glass

Run your own tests from our core network, including latency, routes, BGP and more.


We also operate a widespread off-net POP matrix across Europe, which includes Paris, Stockholm and Milan to name but a few. You can find more information by taking a look at our data centres, or by getting in touch with our team.

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