Our network mix is one of the most comprehensive offerings in the UK, effortlessly blending both major and specialist international carriers.



AS174 IPv4IPv6

Cogent is one of the world's largest Tier 1 carriers, with over 2,000 global points of presence.

Level 3

Level 3

AS3356 IPv4IPv6

Level 3 is a leading global Tier 1 carrier, with operations in more than 60 countries around the world.



AS1299 IPv4IPv6

Telia is known globally for the speed and quality of its services, with 200 global points of presence.


NTT Communications

AS2914 IPv4IPv6

NTT is the largest telecommunications operator in Japan, also making it one of the largest worldwide.



AS5511 IPv4IPv6

Orange Business Services is the enterprise-arm of French multinational ISP Orange S.A.


Tinet GTT

AS3257 IPv4IPv6

Now part of GTT, Tinet have fantastic peering relationships with many global exchange points.



AS4436 IPv4

GTT are a fast-growing Tier 1 carrier based in the USA, operating in over 100 countries.

Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia

AS6762 IPv4IPv6

Telecom Italia, headquartered in Rome, is the primary carrier and ISP in Italy.



AS3223 IPv4IPv6

Voxility are our anti-DDoS partners, for both global and individual protection.


We also have access to key internet exchange points, which allow for exceptional public and private peering with multiple carriers.


London Internet Exchange LINX

AS5459 IPv4IPv6

The London Internet Exchange is the primary IXP in the UK, handling an average of 2.3Tbps of traffic and connecting over 500 ISPs.


London Access Point LONAP

AS8550 IPv4IPv6

The London Network Access Point is the second largest IXP in the UK, operating across five sites in London.


Looking to work with a carrier not listed? Why not get in touch and speak with a member of our team - we have direct access to over 500 carriers at our core POP locations, and we'd be happy to explore custom carrier options with you.

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