Behind every great organisation sits a team of even greater individuals. If you want to know what makes our company tick, understanding more about our team is a good place to start.

Matthew Butt
Matthew Butt Managing Director

Matthew has been an entrepreneurial spirit from childhood. With a colourful history spanning a number of technical industries, Matthew has more real-world experience than most people twice his age. Officially founding Netwise Hosting in 2009 at just 19 years of age, Matthew's expertise in electrical engineering and business operations have paved the way for the company's success over the years.

Matt Seaton
Matt Seaton Senior Manager

Matt has been with Netwise Hosting since day one, and as a founding team member, he knows the business inside out. Prior to Netwise, he worked with Matthew on many projects, which makes for a highly dynamic pairing of minds. His creativity and willingness to turn his hand to anything made him an invaluable asset to the business in the early years, and continues to do so to this day.


Our team of experts keep your mission-critical services running around the clock.

TBC Technical Manager

We're on the look out for a highly motivated Technical Manager to join our growing team. Interested?

Katie Office Manager

Katie keeps the Netwise machine well-oiled, ensuring our day-to-day operations run without a hitch.

Ben Senior Network Engineer

Ben designs and maintains our networks. What he doesn't know about networking is simply not worth knowing.

Duncan Senior Systems Engineer

Duncan is a systems wizard, and supports the Netwise Hosting infrastructure, along with many client systems.

Frank Technical Support

Frank forms a key part of our ever-growing technical support team, with a real focus on digital security.

Hardeep Technical Support

Hardeep is a major component of our all-star support team, helping our customers with technical support.

Salman Technical Support

Salman is an experienced technical support professional with a history in data centres and managed services.

TBC Technical Support

We're on the hunt for another driven support wizard to join our growing team. Interested?

Elizabeth Accounting

Elizabeth is in charge of our daily accounts, and keeps a watertight seal on all things financial at Netwise.

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