Polar Instruments

When you're trusted by the world's largest PCB designers and manufacturers - including the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer - it's safe to say that you're at the very cutting edge of scientific circuit testing. Polar Instruments are that organisation.

Using our robust dedicated server platforms, Polar Instruments are able to deliver their front-end web services to businesses around the world. With offices in the USA, Singapore, China, Austria, India, Korea, Taiwan and the UK, having a dedicated hosting service with a truly global reach is imperative.

We have built a close relationship with Polar, and give hands-on assistance to them on a regular basis for the successful management of their hosted services. By leveraging the power of our dedicated server platforms, Polar are able to focus on their core business, without the need to worry about hosting technologies.

  • Guernsey, UK
  • 2015 - Present
  • Dedicated Servers, Additional Support
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How is this service delivered?

Dedicated Servers

Polar make fantastic use of our powerful dedicated server platforms to deliver their web services.

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Our network is what gives our dedicated hosting services such breadth and scope, perfect for Polar Instruments.

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London Central

We deliver Polar's services from our best-in-class London Central data centre facility.

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