Colocation CalculatorColocation Calculator

Our server colocation calculator is designed to provide you with transparent, clear-cut pricing on rack space within the Capital at your new private Data Centre in Bermondsey, Central London.

Choose your required colocation rack space - remember, you can increase or descrease your enclosure size as needed within your contract for free, meaning no unused wasted space.

Rack Space

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£89 / month
£179 / month
£259 / month
£POA / month

The power allocation feeding your colocation space is scalable; choose what you require now and increase or descrease on the fly with live monitoring in your My Netwise Hosting control panel.

Power (Amps)

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/ £35 each

Remote Reboot Ports

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/ £10 each

Select your connectivity type, connection speed, and IP address options. We have very aggressive connectivity pricing, and can work with you in developing a suitable approach to high-speed access on our global network.

Bandwidth Type

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Data Transfer (TB's)

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/ £25 each

CDR Bandwidth (Mbps)

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/ £8 each

Network Speed

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/ £0 Month
/ £30 Month

IP Addresses

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1 IP
5 IP's
13 IP's
29 IP's
61 IP's
125 IP's
253 IP's
253+ IP's

/ £2 each

Here you will find a range of additional services. Indicate those that may apply to your desired colocation deployment, and our expert team will factor these into more detailed quotations and proposals in the future.

Optional Extras

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Special Requirements

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Please provide us with some basic contact information by completing the form below. This will help us process your quotation, and come back to you with additional information that you may find very useful.

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Server Connectivity

Server Connectivity

With primary backhaul connected directly to Central London's Harbour Exchange (HEX), and high-speed 10Mbps ports as standard, the Netwise Hosting network offers unsurpassed connectivity on a global scale - delivered through robust, scalable Cisco infrastructure.

Added Value

Server Connectivity

Netwise Hosting add value to services through a well-refined attitude to flexible, high quality provisioning. By combining the latest in server-grade hardware, rolling contracts from just 1 month and a wide range of upgrade options, absolute value is guaranteed.

Customer Support

Server Connectivity

Technicians are available around the clock for fast, responsive support - essential for critical server deployments. Fully managed solutions allow for pro-active, live server monitoring, applying fixes and updates where necessary.

This tool has been designed with the end-user in mind; the focus being for this Colocation Calculator to become a valued resource on the web. Obtaining colocation pricing is often an arduous task at the best of times, involving long-winded discussions with many different data centres, taking many weeks to come to any real decision. Sometimes, all you really want is a price for your proposed server colocation deployment.

With quarter rack pricing, half rack pricing and full rack pricing just a click away, it has never been so easy to price up a colocation service set. Dynamic slider control puts you in the driving seat, able to quick scale service options in both directions, outputting live, real-time colocation pricing right inside your browser window. You can then send this live quotation directly to your email address for later reference, and to freeze your quoted price indefinitely.

Our colocation power pricing is highly competitive, well conditioned (N+1), and highly scalable to suit your exact requirements. Use the slider control under the Power tab to adjust your power allocation. We can provision up to 32 Amps of power to each rack, making us one of the most power-dense data centres in London. With PowerTools™ currently in development, estimating your colocation deployments' power allocation will soon become even easier.

Estimate the power consumption for your colocation deployment and tweak this value on-the-fly depending on usage, right inside the My Netwise Hosting Control Panel. You can monitor power usage live, and adjust your total ampage allowance according to real-time statistics. We only bill for additional amps if your average usage is consistently above your allocated total, rather than for bursts over your allowance. This '95th percentile approach' to billing for power is much appreciated amongst our loyal colocation customers.

Bandwidth pricing at Netwise is highly competitive, with transit coming directly from our key connectivity partners. By peering with some of the worlds largest transit providers, we are able to leverage the very best in connectivity pricing for our end customers. This also ensures our clients hardware is running on a high-capacity 40/100GigE network, perfect for both reliability, redundancy, global reach, and speed.

By entering the NH:DC1 facility, you are joining a private fibre network that spans the UK and beyond, with direct connectivity into 40+ data centres. This extends access to 250+ UK service providers and carriers, with L2 and L3 transit to 600+ cities worldwide. Through our long-term connectivity partners, we are also able to peer freely with BT for the best possible global routing, for low-latency links to the USA and beyond. Enjoy sub-10ms transfer speeds to many major European cities.

Netwise Hosting's colocation pricing is some of the most competitive available in the UK today. The Netwise team have driven the price of rack space down, bringing truly affordable server colocation services to London, negating the need to colocate outside of the M25. With such high-value services on offer, Netwise Hosting have combined all the benefits of a bespoke private London data centre with maximum ROI for end-users; a formula that remains unrivalled in the London colocation marketplace.

Total pricing transparency has always been a core value at Netwise Hosting. Our website has clear indications of pricing throughout, unlike many data centre operators who will only give prices to users who have directly requested a custom quotation. This commitment to pricing transparency, even for our colocation services, gives customers complete confidence in our operations, and proves that we have nothing to hide in holding back pricing information.

Netwise Hosting will be expanding this tool in the coming months, with a number of useful additions that will make this one of the most popular server colocation pricing resources on the net.

PowerTools™ will be the next addition, giving users powerful power consumption estimations by selecting from a range of popular hardware sets. Later in the year, comparison tools will also be included, allowing users to compare their live quotation with key competitor services - a tangible illustration of Netwise Hosting's commitment to exceptional value.