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A dedicated server is a powerful machine hosted for you at our private UK data centre based on the borders of South London and Surrey. The fact that they are dedicated solely to you ensures that you do not have to share the machines resources with any other users. These dedicated servers are fully customisable, allowing clients to build their ideal hosting solution, fitting their unique budgets and individual requirements. You have full control over your server at all times, with 24x7 remote access.

We provision both Linux and Windows solutions, ensuring all levels of user experience are catered for. Our dedicated servers are perfect for running all the latest applications, making them well suited for web hosting, email exchange servers, application sharing, file storage, cross-server networking to name but a few.

As the most complete and fully scaled form of hosting on the web, dedicated servers provide users with highly customisable, feature rich solutions which cater for every online need. It has never been more affordable to make the switch to a dedicated server with Netwise Hosting - with over 200 unique package combinations, including control panels and premium bandwidth upgrades, you have complete freedom to configure your server your way.

Colocation takes the notion of dedicated server solutions to a new level. Essentially, colocation allows businesses with extremely high levels of online demand to host a large number of servers at our London data centre. Rather than renting the dedicated servers directly from us, businesses are able to place their own servers on our network, utilising our rack space, power and bandwidth. They are also able to take advantage of our ability to manage the maintenance and security of the servers while they are contained within our facility.

The aspect of colocation that makes the most sense to business owners is the potential to cut costs considerably. By hosting all of your equipment with us in one location, you are able to heavily reduce outgoings on utilities and maintenance. Why have an in-house IT team when we can operate all of your equipment for you? Owners still have full access to their servers through remote connections or by booking in visiting times to our London Data Centre for system upgrades and changes.

Businesses can relax in the knowledge that their mission critical IT equipment is in good hands, allowing time to be spent on activities seen as more essential than worrying about technology. Let your technology work for you, rather than you working for your technology. Contact us for more information on how our colocation services can help your business grow.

Many people do not realise the importance of backup, let alone online backup. Most businesses will have some method of backup in place, but do not realise how limited their solution is when looking at the bigger picture. Simply backing up digital information to a secondary site on your own premises is just not good enough in today's world of ever important data.

Consider a fire, flood, or theft of data at your current premises. In the event of any of these scenarios, or others like them, your critical data would be lost forever - regardless of backups. Online backups are off-site, with data being backed up to our secure London data centre. Simply set your system to backup data to our facility whenever you like, and relax safe in the knowledge that your data is secure, whatever event may take place at your location.

Our solutions are some of the most affordable in the UK, and offer complete peace of mind to the user. Do not put your data at risk. Purchase an affordable online backup solution with Netwise Hosting today.

Our reseller programme helps you to make money. If you have ever wanted to make sizable profits from operating a business in the world of online hosting solutions, now is your chance. Forget the start-up costs, running costs and all other associated fees. Start making money today by selling our servers for us.

Sign up for an account today and begin earning commission on sales; starting at 15%. You can resell any of our services, including all dedicated server packages and online backup solutions. Your own personal account page will manage all of your commission and provide you with the tools you require to begin selling under the Netwise Hosting brand. There is no obligation to sell meaning you can make as much (or as little) as you like - whenever you like.

Reselling servers and backup is a very simple business model. There are no complex transactions or long sums involved in getting commission payments to you. Simply point customers to our site using your unique reseller link, and our system will instantly recognise any sales as being referred by you. It really is that simple.

Support is a central element of our day to day operations here at Netwise Hosting. Providing you with a support network you can rely on is one of our primary goals.

When offering such a diverse range of technological services, a high demand is placed on our support network that would likely cause most other providers to fail entirely. Here at Netwise Hosting we take great pride in offering you a dynamic and robust support network that can handle any issue.

Relax in peace knowing you are in our very capable hands. You will not regret purchasing our world-class dedicated server, server colocation and online backup packages safe in the knowledge that any problems will be dealt with personally by a member of the expert Netwise Hosting team.