Dedicated ServersDedicated Servers

Choose a high-value UK Dedicated Server solution from Netwise Hosting; providing you with a right-sized Windows or Linux platform at a low cost - and now available with cPanel and Plesk control panels.

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Entry Level
  Processor (CPU) Quad Core Xeon™
Dual Quad Core Xeon™
Dual Quad Core Xeon™
Dual Quad Core Xeon™
  Memory (RAM) 16GB DDR3 32GB DDR3 64GB DDR3 32GB DDR3
  Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 2 x 2TB SATA or
2 x 128GB SSD &
2 x 500GB SATA
2 x 3TB SATA or
2 x 128GB SSD &
2 x 1TB SATA
2 x 128GB SSD &
2 x 3TB SATA
4 x 3TB SATA +
8 HDD Bays
  Bandwidth 5TB 5TB 10TB 10TB
  Network Speed 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps
  Setup £49 £69 £89 £99
  Secure RAID Tick Tick Tick Tick
  Remote Reboot Port Tick Tick Tick Tick
  24x7 Support Tick Tick Tick Tick
  Uptime Guarantee Tick Tick Tick Tick
  Operating System Operating System Operating System Operating System Operating System
£119 / month
£159 / month
£199 / month
£189 / month

Dedicated Servers - Specification Sheet

Please click here to download a copy of our comprehensive Dedidcated Server specification sheet; a detailed overview of our four levels of service offerings and the supporting services coupled with each package.


Server Connectivity

Server Connectivity

With primary backhaul connected directly to Central London's HEX8/9 and THN, and with high-speed 100Mbps ports as standard, the Netwise Hosting network offers unsurpassed connectivity on a global scale - delivered through robust, scalable Cisco infrastructure.

Added Value

Server Connectivity

Netwise Hosting add value to services through a well-refined attitude to flexible, high quality provisioning. By combining the latest in server-grade hardware, rolling contracts from just 1 month and a wide range of upgrade options, absolute value is guaranteed.

Customer Support

Server Connectivity

Technicians are available around the clock for fast, responsive support - essential for critical server deployments. Fully managed solutions allow for pro-active, live server monitoring, applying fixes and updates where necessary. Our network is monitored around the clock by our UK NOC.

Having a dedicated server for your website is essential as your business grows. It allows you to remove the risk of operating from a shared hosting environment whilst maintaining the ease and flexibility of a well-designed system.

Dedicated servers may cost a little more than shared or VPS servers, but they're worth every penny. They allow your website to work for your needs, with modules and applications such as MySQL or SNMP installed or removed as required - ultimately providing a tailored and streamlined dedicated server environment for your website. Windows and Linux are both widely supported, plus the added option of server control panels including Plesk or cPanel for simple, stress free management.

Dedicated servers are just that; dedicated. Because of this, you remove the security and downtime risks often associated with shared solutions. If you share a server, your website and your business can be affected by the actions of others using that machine. At best, this might just be server overload, causing your site to run slowly. At worst, it could be a virus uploaded by someone else using the same server. If customers visit your site and find it running slowly or offline completely, they may draw conclusions regarding the professionalism of your business, and not come back.

Our range of UK dedicated server solutions provide a solid and reliable base from which you can operate your online presence, without concern of interruption from other users. There are plenty of UK based hosting companies offering dedicated servers - but not all with the same tried, tested and trusted mantra that Netwise Hosting offer. Order your dedicated server today and enjoy your server, your way.

UK businesses may have noticed their Google rankings dropping despite offering quality content that is SEO compliant. SEO requires more than backlinking and appropriate metadata. SEO hosting allowing for fast page-load times is vital.

Research has shown that fast page-load times are one of the most important factors in determining a user's overall experience and satisfaction with a website. In 2009, 52% of users said they would not return to a website that loaded too slowly, with half of customers putting an upper threshold of 2 seconds for a page to load. With broadband access increasing in speed every day, this figure is set to rise.

Google has taken this information on board by tweaking its search algorithm to reward pages and websites that load more quickly. Improving page-load times doesn't require the removal of graphics or other integral elements of a website; a dedicated server assures a high quality, reliable connection that won't slow down when a site receives high levels of traffic. SEO servers are sure to become an essential tool for doing business in the UK as more and more homes and businesses gain access to high-speed broadband.

The UK expectation of fast loading websites and pages is only set to increase, and a high ranking in Google results is one of the best ways to ensure a visible presence online. A UK dedicated server combined with Netwise Hosting's optimised network, boasting premium bandwidth and bottle-neck free connections, means you can rest assured in the knowledge your site will load and operate with peak performance - 100% of the time.

One of the core benefits of having a dedicated server is the high level of control you have over how it works and what resources you have on it. However, for you to be able to manage it effectively, the dedicated server will usually need some sort of control panel software installed. Deciding which control panel to use is largely a matter of personal choice, but two of the most popular control panels for dedicated servers are Plesk and cPanel.

If you are running a Unix/Linux based server, then you can choose either Plesk or cPanel - Plesk also supports Windows servers. Both Plesk and cPanel are accessed via a graphical page in your web browser, although you can - if you are comfortable doing so - still use a command line interface through a secure shell (SSH) connection.

The graphical interface makes it very easy to manage resources, add new users and domains, set up email accounts and mailing lists, and much more, even if you have not managed your own dedicated server before. Reseller and hosting accounts can be set up quite simply too; cPanel uses its inbuilt Web Host Manager tool for this, whilst with Plesk it is done through the main Plesk control panel. Reseller and hosting accounts will have access to a version of your control panel with pre-set or customisable limitations, so you can determine what functionality they can access on your dedicated server.

Managing databases is also incredibly simple with both Plesk and cPanel, using their built-in database manager options. The ability to perform regular backups, either automatically or at the click of a mouse ensures total peace of mind for you, the website owner. Checkout our low cost, high value dedicated server packages above - all available with cPanel and Plesk control panels.